How to prevent stomach discomfort in the dog

Upset stomachs are something all dogs will experience in their lifetime, but there are plenty of ways for you to support their digestive health and help prevent them having digestive sensitivities too often.

All dogs may occasionally suffer stomach upset, but the dog’s age, breed, size and lifestyle can make him more prone to this problem than the rest. Fortunately, there are ways to help prevent stomach upset and keep your pet from maintaining a healthy digestive system at all stages of his life.

Dog digestion

The healthy functioning of the dog’s digestive system is a crucial aspect to ensure that it absorbs all the nutrients it needs from food. The huge surface of the small intestine is covered with cells that help absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and also has the largest amount of immune cells in the body. The entire gastrointestinal tract is the habitat of the microflora, which includes bacteria that favor a healthy digestive environment and may be affected by the food the dog takes.

What are the symptoms of stomach discomfort in the dog?

If the dog has stomach discomfort, he may suffer from diarrhea (soft and formless stool) and vomiting. It may also show discomfort or abdominal distension. Chronic digestive problems are also accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss and dull coat.

How to prevent stomach discomfort in puppies

Puppies are particularly prone to stomach upset and diarrhea, since their digestive system has not yet reached full maturity. It is also the time when the “immune vacuum” occurs, which is when the puppy’s immune system is no longer protected by the antibodies it obtains from the mother, and still does not produce its own antibodies effectively. Stomach discomfort in puppies with less than three weeks of life can also indicate more serious diseases that can be fatal.

To improve the digestive health of your puppy, you can give him a food with nutrients that help him maintain digestive health and you should avoid changing food abruptly You should also make sure to vaccinate the puppy when instructed by the veterinarian.

How to avoid digestive disorders in adult dogs

Adult dogs have more resistant digestive systems than puppies, but they can still suffer from digestive disorders. In particular, larger dog breeds, such as German shepherds, Great Danes and English setters, are predisposed to suffer from digestive disorders.

The best way to prevent digestive disorders in adult dogs is by giving them a nutritionally balanced diet that includes high quality proteins and components such as fermentable fibers that promote the development of “beneficial bacteria.” Human food is not suitable for dogs. They find it difficult to digest, it is not complete or balanced for them and can cause digestive disorders, especially if it has a high fat content.

Prevention of digestive disorders in mature dogs

As dogs progress in age, their ability to digest food properly may decrease, and they may have difficulty chewing effectively because their teeth become more sensitive. Food that is not properly chewed or excessive ingestion can cause vomiting or digestive disorders. If you suffer from a chronic disease, they can also affect the proper functioning of your digestive system.

To ensure that your elderly dog ​​does not suffer from digestive disorders, provide them with a food designed for their breed and age, with the appropriate size of the croquette to facilitate their grip. This will facilitate their chewing. You can also divide your daily ration into several doses a day to reduce the burden on your digestive system.

Providing your pet with a good food appropriate to their age, size, breed and lifestyle is one of the easiest ways to help prevent digestive disorders. However, if you notice any significant change in your dog’s eating habits, consult with your veterinarian, as they may be indicators of underlying health problems.

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